Transfer South African Rand

Whilst the rules and regulations surrounding the transfer of South African Rand have been relaxed tremendously in the past few years there are still a number of conditions that you must meet.

Below we have a look at some of the steps you may need to take to Transfer South African rand.

Approvals for the Transfer of South African Rand

  • To effect a transfer of South African Rand the individual or company may need to obtain Reserve bank approval, either directly from the Reserve Bank or via an authorised dealer. In the case of Incompass we are able to assist you with this process via our authorised dealer and we levy no service fees for this service.
  • To Transfer South African Rand you will also, in most circumstances need to first obtain a tax clearance certificate (as part of the approval process), that shows your tax affairs are in order. This is always the case where an individual is transferring more than one million South African rand, amounts under this do not require tax clearance.

The process can seem a little confusing and can also be a time consuming exercise. Incompass Forex offers its clients a full service whereby it assists with obtaining the necessary clearances and provides you with clear guidance on the most appropriate allowance or category that an application should be made under.

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The benefits of using Incompass for your transfer

  • Our “Transfer South African Rand” service incurs no administration fees or hidden costs
  • Due to the large volume of transfers we do we are able to offer you market leading exchange rates.
  • We are a registered and authorised currency company with the Financial Services Board as well as the Reserve Bank of South Africa.
  • We are both ISO accredited for 9001 and 27001.

If you wish to Transfer South African Rand contact Incompass Forex for the best service and rates by calling us + (27) 21 424 2936 or emailing us here.