Currency Company South Africa

Using a currency company for your money transfer either in or out of South Africa can carry with it distinct advantages:

  • Better rates;
  • Superior service;
  • No service fees;
  • Expert foreign exchange control knowledge.

Some Background on Currency Companies in South Africa

As with any industry you get good and back but luckily with currency companies there are some obvious rules to follow when making your selection.

  • All currency companies have to be registered with the Financial Services Board. If they are not then do not deal with them.
  • All currency companies operate via an authorised dealer – in our case Investec bank.
  • Currency companies in South Africa do not handle the monies you wish to transfer or receive, they go via client accounts with the authorsied dealer, meaning you have an added security level.
  • Pick a currency company with a proven auditable record. Look specifically for ISO 9001 and 27001. This shows the companies commitment to service and security; as well as giving you the knowledge you are dealing with a company that is audited and judged against international standards.
  • Try and meet with them. Look at the obvious – size of operations, how they communicate with you and do they have a registered office.

What you can expect from a South African currency company?

It is not for us to judge others, rather present how we work, and hopefully have the opportunity to demonstrate to you why most of our new clients come from direct introductions from happy existing clients:

  1. We are registered with the financial service board;
  2. Investec are are authorised dealer;
  3. We hold both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification;
  4. Are rates of exchange for money transfers are amongst the best in the industry;
  5. We are a full registered South African company with offices in Joberg and Cape Town;
  6. We offer both office and field based support;
  7. We charge no service fees or hidden extra costs;
  8. Our service and communication levels are without peers within our industry.

Getting started

Compared to banks and other currency companies dealing with money transfers, Incompass leads the way. Not onlyCurrency Company South Africa - Incompass can you expect great rates but also superb service.

To find out more about how we can help you with your money transfers needs call us on any of the numbers below or send us an e-mail.

Ph: Cape Town +27 (0) 21 424 2936
Ph: Johannesburg +27 (0) 11 234 4275