South African Money Transfer Services

Whether you are transferring money in or money out of South Africa as an individual or business you can expect the below as a given:

  • NO administration fees.
  • The VERY BEST exchange rates.South African Money Transfer Services
  • ALL exchange control clearances
  • FREE obtaining of required tax clearances.
  • EXPERT advice and guidance.
  • DISCERNING service.
  • SAFE AND SECURE trading.
  • FULLY SARS and exchange control compliant.
  • CORRECT declaration of funds.
  • BANK ACCOUNTS – set up in South Africa and overseas for larger sums.

Our South African Money Transfer Services

All of our transactions are processed through local banks, that are approved authorised dealers by the South African Reserve Bank. In addition we are an FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) registered company holding all appropriate licences. Our money transfers, in and out of South Africa, are done in strict accordance with money laundering regulations and exchange control regulations and all our transactions are audited in terms of our licence and banking requirements.

We distinguish ourselves from banks by offering better service, better exchange rates and no fees. We further distinguish ourselves from other currency companies due to our expert knowledge of the South African Exchange Control regulations.

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Our registration process is simple and free of charge. It gives you access to currency rates and our expertise. We save you time, money and eliminate mistakes.

To find out more call us on any of the numbers below or send us an e-mail.

Ph: Cape Town +27 (0) 21 424 2936
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