Invest Offshore from South Africa

Not too long ago it was not permissible to invest offshore from South Africa as exchange control regulations prevented South Africans from doing so. Over the last decade or so exchange control regulations have been relaxed and more and more South Africans now seek to hedge against the rand and provide their investments with some foreign exposure by investing offshore from South Africa.

Nearly all investment types are permissible ranging from property to shares and simple cash holdings.invest offshore from south africa

Whatever the investment type you select, you will have to transfer your South African rand into the currency of your new offshore investment. This transfer of money should be seen as part of your investment process and the choice of how you transfer could have a profound effect on your return.

It is always worth bearing in mind that if your investment is made through a company there is no necessity for you to use their recommended currency provider and also that your bank may not be the best option.

Incompass forex specialises in foreign exchange and our clients benefit from:

  • Market leading exchange rates.
  • No administration fees levied by us for transfers in excess of ZAR50,000.
  • Expert guidance in terms of the regulations.
  • Personalised service offering.

In summary more for your money!! A small difference in the exchange rate or the avoidance of fees can mean significant savings when you invest offshore from South Africa.

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