Currency Money Exchange

Currency money exchange in South Africa offers a few more challenges than in most places due to impact of exchange control regulations.

Whether your currency money exchange is transferring money into South Africa or out of South Africa, currency money exchangeexchange control will have an impact on how you effect the transfer, the paperwork trail and the provider you use to transfer your money for you.

In short, it’s not just a case of securing the best rate for your currency money exchange but also making sure that the transfer is carried out in compliance with the exchange control rules. Contrary to some opinions how you transfer your currency into South Africa can have a profound effect on how and if you can ever transfer it back it out again.

Introducing Incompass

Incompass Forex is a South African based, FSCA registered company that provides currency money exchange services. We are able to provide you with advice about the various exchange control regulations as well as provide currency money transfer services that incur no administration fees and the most competitive rates available.

We operate with an in depth knowledge of exchange control and ensure our clients make decisions that are based on well researched facts. We also pride ourselves on our service levels that are both client focused and personal, this boast is backed up by us being accredited with both ISO 9001 and 27001 status.

Our services extend to both the transferring of money out of South Africa and the transferring of money into South Africa.

If you seek a currency money exchange provider that offers great service and great rates, fully versed in exchange control then look no further than Incompass Forex.

Contact Incompass for Currency Money Exchange

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