Currency Exchange Rates South Africa

Whether you are looking to exchange currency for a holiday, house purchase, living costs, immigration, emigration or investment then you have come to the right place. We can help you make your money go further!currency exchange rates

Incompass currency exchange services can help you obtain the best rates of exchange with no service fees and advice on the exchange control regulations that are in place in South Africa.

Our currency exchange service is easy to use and understand, easily accessible (yes you get to speak to a real person) and offers the best currency exchange rates.

You can look forward to transparent exchange rates, FSCA and reserve bank approved and regulated services and ISO accreditation for service and security.

How to access the Best Currency Exchange Rates

First of all is it the best currency exchange rate you are after? Or is it the largest amount of the foreign currency you seek ending up in your bank account. The two are very different.

Currency exchange rates often do not include all the costs:

  • Service fees.
  • Admin fees.
  • Fixed costs.
  • Commissions.
  • Bank charges.

All of the above eat into the amount you actually receive and are often hidden away in the small print.

If you are seeking the best currency exchange rate, that includes all costs and fees, contact Incompass Forex and speak to one of our real persons. We will guide you through the options, provide you with the exchange control knowledge you need and assist you in securing the best currency exchange rate and save you money.

Contact Incompass

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