IFA Money Transfer Services

As an IFA your client will often look for advice from you with regards to their money transfers. When you have advised IFA Money Transfer Servicesan offshore investment the subject of how and whom to transfer the money through will not doubt therefore be raised.

Introducing our IFA Money Transfer Services

Incompass is proud to be the preferred supplier to many leading investment houses and it may well be that you conduct business through one or more of them.

It is our involvement with these investment houses that has seen born a comprehensive and tailormade IFA money transfer service.

What our IFA Money Transfer Service Provides?

  • Extremely low spreads – meaning better exchange rates for your clients.
  • Fixed spreads depending upon the amount to be transferred – taking away the unknown factor.
  • Free dedicated help desk with toll free number.
  • Free field support by dedicated account managers.
  • A custom built client management system that keeps you and your client informed each and every step of the way through the money transfer – by e-mail and sms.
  • No service fees.
  • Free tax clearance applications and exchange control advice.
  • An ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited service and systems – giving you the reassurance of a third party audited service provider to recommend.
  • An absolute guarantee of ring fencing of your client – we will be in touch with them only concerning their money transfer – no birthday cards and mailshots.
  • We can take instruction from appropriately licensed IFA’s on behalf of clients.

Only Available Through IFA’s

These discounted rates and dedicated services are only available to clients via their registered IFA. This means you are adding huge value to your client, saving them money and exposing them to a private banking style service proposition.

Getting Registered for IFA Money Transfer Service

Simply give us a call on any of the numbers below or e-mail us. We are happy to come out to see you or you are welcome to come into one of our offices.

Ph: Cape Town +27 (0) 21 424 2936
Ph: Johannesburg +27 (0) 11 234 4275

Money Transfers with ISO 9001 and 27001 Accreditation

When you are deciding on which company to use for your money transfer, of course you need to do your home home work. After all your after the best rate possible, but you don’t want hidden charges and you certainly don’t want to compromise on service delivery and security.

So just how do you decide on which money transfer company?

There are some basic rules which you follow:

  • Are they an FSCA registered company? – remember you can only deal with an entity that is an FSCA registered company. This is easily checked as they must state on their website and other marketing material that they are registered. Avoid all companies that are not able to provide you with their registration.
  • Are they a registered company? – you may find individuals who are registered and some will be able to supply you a good service, the odds however are that you will get a better rate using a larger registered company than a small ‘one man band’.
  • Which bank do they deal through? – all money transfer companies must deal through an authorised dealer. This is ultimately who handles your money. Ask the question ‘who is your authorised dealer? Do you know the bank? Are they credible? Do they have branches in South Africa?
  • Beware of introducer sites – the internet has opened up a world of opportunity, not all of of it good! There are many sites out there – known as affiliate sites which simply operate to attract clients which they pass on to money transfer companies. They of course do this for a reason and the reason is they receive a commission payment. Someone of course must pay for this commission and it will come as no surprise that this person is you. This can only lead to worse rates of exchange for your money transfer.
  • Who handles your money – money transfer companies should not handle the money you are looking to transfer. In laymans terms ask who you transfer your money to – it should be to a client account at the authorised dealer.

These are basic rules that are good practice to follow but of course there is more to it than that.

But how do you judge service standards?

It’s very hard to judge service standards after all most of the time you only know for sure when you have used the company – and by then it may be to late. Like us, we are sure you have yet to meet a company that boasts of an average or poor service standard. This is Money Transfer with an ISO 9001 approved companywhere independent accreditation becomes so important. ISO 9001 is a worldwide standard that is governed by the Independent Standards Organisation. It has a comprehensive set of standards that those accredited with ISO 9001 must meet. Importantly it is not a once off process but an annual one, whereby a strict audit is carried out to ensure ongoing compliance. What it means for potential clients is that they have some reassurance of the company they are dealing with. Companies with ISO 9001 commit considerable money and resources to meet this criteria and it clearly demonstrates their commitment to client service.

And what about security?

The security of your money and personal details is imperative. Once again you can look for an external accreditation, in this case ISO 27001. The same process is carried out on an annual basis to ensure ongoing compliance giving clients the reassurance they need.Money Transfers with an ISO 27001 certified company

Dealing with Incompass for your Money Transfer

Incompass is an FSCA registered company and we deal with Investec Bank as our authorised dealer. We do not handle the funds you wish to transfer and they are deposited in an Investec client account. This is our website and we do not have affiliate websites where you suffer from a commission payment.

Further our commitment to you is shown and proven by our investment and accreditation in holding both ISO 9001 and 27001.

So not only can you access the best rates and service but also deal with a company that provides you with the reassurance of money transfers with ISO 9001 and 27001 Accreditation.

We strongly believe our business is built on 3 important and basic principles:

  • Transparent market leading rates,
  • Great service,
  • Security.

Try for yourself

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