Affiliate Opportunities Money Transfer South Africa

Every month, literally billions of rand, are both transferred into and out of South Africa. South Africa differs from the majority of other countries when it comes to transferring money due to its exchange control regulations.

Typically the vast majority of individuals and companies still turn to their banks (particularly in South Africa) for money transfer services – this often means high fees, less attractive exchange rates and a lack of expert advice.

The continuing nature of this is down to one important fact:

  1. The lack of knowledge of a suitable alternative

Incompass Forex provides a suitable alternative that offers no administration fees (for transfer over ZAR 50,000), better exchange rates and a highly personalised expert service.

We are now offering to a selected number of highly motivated individuals the opportunity to share in our success with our affiliate programme. The affiliate programme offers individuals and/ or businesses the opportunity to use their marketing and networking capabilities to leverage substantial additional income.

We currently have opportunities available in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth.

Expressions of interest with this opportunity are welcome under the following criteria:

  • This opportunity is for individuals wishing to either set up or expand their business offering, it is not an employed position. Therefore applicants should be self motivated, entrepreneurial and serious about building an ongoing income stream.
  • The affiliate’s focus will be on building up a network of introducers. These introducers will come from various backgrounds but would include accountants, attorneys and trade organisations. The appropriate communication and presentation skills will therefore be a pre requisite for success.
  • Success as an affiliate will only come from activity, in particular the building of a network of introducers, applicants should therefore ensure they have suitable resources and time available.
  • An interest and knowledge of general economic and business events will be required.
  • Applicants who have existing networks (or access to) will undoubtedly have an advantage over those without, this however does not preclude driven individuals from joining as an affiliate.
  • Whilst there is no licence fee or costs levied from Incompass to successful applicants, we want you to succeed. Applicants therefore need to ensure they can commit in terms of time and effort.
  • Affiliates will be able to concentrate on building up their network as Incompass will manage all day to day operations including record keeping and foreign exchange trading.

In order to learn more abut this opportunity please e-mail to arrange a meeting.